Cardinal Senior Living

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why choose cardinal?

Why Choose Cardinal Senior Living?

Access to Staff Representatives – Cardinals unique facility layout places our residents in close proximity to our staff and promotes frequent contact throughout the day.

Dedicated and Trained Staff Members – Our Team Cares! Some of our staff members have served this community for over 20 years. Our staff members understand the responsibility they have been entrusted. We are invested in our residents well-being and are trained to provide the essential functions necessary to service our many great residents.

Activities – Cardinal believes that being active is a vital element to quality of life and is committed to providing a program that will promote our residents to be active, social and engaged. Led by a CDP (Certified Dementia Care Practitioner), our program offers a variety of options to ensure that individual resident interest are considered in the ongoing development of the program each month.

Onsite and Involved Ownership – Locally owned and operated. Ownership is actively involved in day to day operations and often onsite. This means you have direct access to ownership at any time.

Licensed Nurse Oversight – You can take comfort in knowing our nursing program has hands-on involvement from our Nursing Director, a licensed nurse, committed and dedicated to providing excellent care for our residents.

Customer Service – Our Team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We take pride in recognizing that no request is too small and every request gets the proper attention it deserves.